Thursday, 27 August 2015

All Things Pink

Okay so I'm going to keep this short because this is my second attempt on posting this! Silly battery decided to die as I was saving it!

So this is just a follow up from my 'All Black Everything' post where I said I was trying to avoid wearing all black! Well I've found a new colour for me and yes it's baby pink! If you know me well, you will find that strange because i am not at all a girly girl. I remember I use to say no to everything pink but now I'm like gimme gimme gimmeeeee 

So I had a snoop on depop and grabbed my self some bargains that I'm going to share with you!!!

Lately all I want to wear is oversized clothing so when I saw this pink old school Fila top for just £12 I fell in love and knew I had to have it! 

I styled it with Jeans from Urban Outfitters and vans!

I then went on to purchase these pink trousers.

I wore them last night attending the Places + Faces party with vans and again an oversized t-shirt. These cost me just £10 yipeeeee!

So im now on a mission to change my wardrobe into all pink but don't be surprised if i find a new favourite colour tomorrow!

Monday, 24 August 2015

My journey with Braids

Some of the questions I get asked about braids...
- Is braiding good for your hair?
- How many packs of hair will I need?
- Where can I buy the hair from?
- What brand of hair will I need?
- How long do I keep them on for?

I will answer all of these as best as I can and I will also include why I braid my hair time to time, the different kinds of braiding I have had and my best and least favourite look. 

Okay so having braids has been something I have grown up with. My mum always had mine and my sisters hair neatly braided. Having big curly hair it made it easier to maintain. I keep my braids in for at least a month. It all depends on how you maintain them. 

I decided to start braiding my hair for growth. So yes braiding is good for your hair, i found that it has strengthened my hair from being flat to being more bouncy and I find that my hair has a lot more body to it. 

I use 4-5 packets of 'X-pression' hair but everybody requires different amounts. It depends on how long and think you want your braids so always buy one or two more than you think you will need. It can be bought online by searching the brand name or it's also stocked in any black hair shop. 

So yesterday I had my hair braided in a style I have never had before! I'm not sure on how I feel about it just yet! I love my braids a week or two old when it's messy. 

I got this look from FKA Twigs new video. I also decided to have half canerow and half braids because I didn't want to sit for the amount of time required for single plaits. The hair I used is colour 30.

Here I have long black braids! I have to say this was me least favourite look. :( black hair doesn't suit me at all! I love being blonde or light brown. That's my only reason why I didn't like this look as much!

Photo by @AntyAgencyLdn 

Photo by Instagram: @fireshone 

I love twists, they're my favourite! I always have my braids thick and long. I used colour 28 here.

More styles of braids I've had!!

This next look lasted only two days! It didn't suit me at all! I wish I gave it time to settle before I took them out. 

I got the idea for these chunky braids on a Instagram page I came across but they didn't look good on me :(

Hope this post has answered your questions and helped you with deciding whether to have braids or not. If I have missed anything feel free to comment below! I will also do a post on the products I use for my natural curly hair because I get msgs on that also :)

My mum has braided all these styles and has Instagram: @hollandserafine and Facebook: Hair By Me you can see her work on there! 


All Black Everything

Going through my pictures I've realised how obsessed I am with wearing all black. It's made me think I'm too lazy to colour match with outfits. I think every one will agree that black is the easy way out. You don't have to think about matching your top with your shoes or if your lipstick will go with what your wearing. So why not wear black?? That's how I think anyway! Lately, I've decided to avoid wearing black although I am sat here wearing black leggings and a black t-shirt! But I want to brighten my wardrobe and bring some colour into my life so let's see how long this will last.

Here are some of my all black outfits 

Outfit Details:
- The top is my brand @srwear on Instagram 
- Trousers are from Zara £16.00 
- shoes are Nike TN's from Footlocker £80

Wearing Buffalo shoes from a shop in Camden (can't remember the name) £105

Skirt £50 from Urban Oufitters. Link above

Top from Newlook 

Same again but shoes are Dr Martens 

Top was sent to me from the lovely people on Instagram: @cecileldn check them out.

Photo by the amazing Sam Travis 

Top from Topshop £16
Dungarees from American Apparel £95

Top by Topshop £10
Shorts by Adidas £40
Shoes are Converse £50

Now some other All Black looks that I love..