Saturday, 19 September 2015

Rachelle x James Beddoes

Soooooo this is my most recent shoot with James Beddoes. I don't want to clog up Instagram with ALL the piks haha! You will find most of them already on my tumblr:

We shot from 12-3pm taking around 1000 shots in his studios based in Birmingham jewellery quarter. We also went to a cool vintage shop near by and shot on location as well.

Fila Body Suit: ASOS £35

The mood board for the shoot was very laid back, chilled out and simple. Although there is nudity its not in any way sexual but very subtle. In no way does a nipple out make me a glamour model! Let's just make that clear! Lollllllll (ew the thought of glamour modelling) 

Anyway... Styling was by myself and also got to pick a few things out a close by vintage shop. You can tell from the pictures that the setting was very laid back, the vibe was very much chilling at home in a oversized shirt as most girls do, just lounging and looking pretty! And the odd nip slip haha! 

So these are some of my favourites and there are plenty more to come, so keep an eye out on my tumblr to see more! 

I also have some work that are soon to be published! Once they have been published I'm aloud to share the pictures!!! So I'll do a post on those also! 

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My Agency: Anti Agency London
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What's Isaiah wearing?

Meet Isaiah, my 2 year old handful! 
This post is really random but as I get told of by my mum for spending too much money on his clothing I thought I'd do a post to show that actually no mum, your wrong! I don't! I just happen to know how to shop the best stuff but not have to spend too much! 

Dressing Isaiah is really easy, I don't take his styling to seriously! I buy what I feel will suit him and what I like! I see a lot of people on Instagram over dressing their kids and probably emptying their accounts just for Instagram likes. 

So I'm going to post a few of his looks and state where it's from and price. (If I can remember) 

My most recent shop was from Zara. 

I loved the polo necks and priced at just £3.99 I had to buy them although they only had age 4 available. 

Isaiah is wearing the navy blue top with the grey trousers with braces matched with navy blue kickers.

Here he is wearing the grey trousers without the braces, jumper from Gap and shoes were on sale for £7.99 also from Zara.

I'm not a HUGE fan of the Zara baby leggings hype but I buy the odd one or two for nursery or for going to the park. Something I don't mind him getting messy. He has the grey polo neck on with a denim jacket from Zara and vans. 

I love this next outfit on Isaiah. Very simple look and so cute! 
He's wearing converse with skinny jeans from Zara, I believe was priced around £15.99 and his top is from Whistle & Flute.

Here is a more playful look. He's wearing denim dungaree and a leaf print shirt both from H&M. The dungarees were £12 and the shirt I think was only £4.99. 
Shoes are converse. 

Grey & Yellow
Trousers are Zara. A pair he's had since he was 18months. They still fit him and fit cropped which I like. Top is the grey polo neck from Zara £3.99.
Shoes are converse and coat was FREE. I was given this amazing yellow rain coat by a friend just before I was going to purchase one for £27 on Zara! Yesss I get lucky sometimes!! 

Shirt £7 Zara
Jeans £15.99
Shoes new balance 

Jumper £9 on sale from Adidas
Shorts £5 Gap
Shoes new balance

Two Piece
Shirt and shorts from H&M £14
Shoes all white air max

Same outfit but shoes here are snake print slip on's £50 from AKID.

I could go on and on and on but I think I've covered a few different looks. I will do a post on more wintery stuff very soon.

I've come to the conclusion during creating this post that I can "at times" over spend but I'm not actually that bad. Or may be im in denial! Oooppssss!

Hope you enjoyed this.
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Monday, 14 September 2015

My go to products for curly hair

My hair is in the best condition it has ever been and I would just like to share my favourite go to products. I often get asked what I do to my hair so here goes- Up until the age of 14 I have had a full head of curls which were bouncy, natural, soft and defined. However independence kicked in and the use of heat, chemicals and so much more has had my hair become thin and unhealthy.

About a year ago I suffered breakage to my hair due to bleaching and had to have my hair cut the shortest it's ever been. :( I also HAD to make the decision of avoiding bleaching my hair. If you know me, you will know that the only hair colour I love on me is blonde, so you can imagine how hard this decision was and still is! I turned to braiding for a few months to gain growth and now I'm happy with my hair length and colour. 

I am very lucky to have access to an amazing hair stylist and colourist at Sasson Academy London and they discuss my wants and needs and give me the best advice when it comes to regaining strength in my hair. They also provide me with really good hair products that work best for my hair. 

Okay! Enough blabbing lets get onto the products.

So I use different products each time I style my hair! To begin with I shampoo and wash my hair about once a week. I use a shampoo and conditioner from Sasson. If I don't have any left I just pick any from the shops. 

These both smell so amazing! And the conditioner (which is the most important thing) feels so soft! There's nothing I hate more than conditioner that feels like sandpaper on your hair! Ewww!!!!!! 

Next I lightly towel dry my hair leaving it dripping a little bit! I then will put in the products I feel like using that day! I try to buy a new product each week or so, just to try different things and see what works well for my hair. I don't use gels, I find them hard, flaky and very unnatural. 

Hair Moose- I rarely use hair moose but I have two I like, they don't leave your hair feeling heavy or hard. By Sassoon and Wella.

Water sprays- I have my three favourites. All made for curly hair, vey light and smell really nice. Again Sassoon provide me with a really good spray and John frieder dream curls spray is also great. However to kill time at the airport I came across Trevor Sorbie volume thickening spray. I bought it because it was cute and small but it works wonders. If you want thicker and fuller looking hair/curls then this ones for you. This works best on half dried hair and left to dry naturally. 

Hair creams - 

This gives you richer defined curls, I love it and I'm due to buy more.

I know this is a conditioner but I use it as a leave in cream/ conditioner. Smells heavenly, feels soft and gives my tighter curls. Love love love this! 

My latest hair product purchase is Aunt Jackies defining curl custard. 

This was recommended to me on Instagram. I bought it for I think £6 of Amazon. I've been looking for a new product to try on my sons hair as well as mine. I've only tried it on my son who has thick and tight curly/afro hair. 

It's very soft when applying. It has sheer butter and olive oil in it and the smell is so amaizing. I can't wait to use it on my self. All ingredients are natural and leaves you with hair full of mousture. 

You can also purchase other products like shampoos and conditioners, detanglers and much more from
Aunt Jakies. 

After I put in products I tip my head down and blow dry it. It's best to use a diffuser for nicer curls. 

Hope this has been helpful and if you have any products that works wonders on you, drop it in a comment! 

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Tumblr: Rachelleholland 

Friday, 4 September 2015

How I got this look/how to contour

This is a really boring post but with the current fascination on contouring I wanted to do a post on how I do it and what products I use.

First of all please ignore my hair it was still wet from being washed and thought i would do my make up whilst it drys!!!!

Sooooo contouring what's the point I hear you ask!?? Being a make up addict my self I'm going to explain what I feel it does for me! By the way this is not my every day look! This is a look I tend to go for if I'm going out at night! I will do a normal day look soon. 

Contouring and highlighting enhances your face and gives a structure to it. It's a technique that used to be used on models for shoots or runway but now it's a day to day thing for most girls. 

So I had (Instagram: @stephiehollbeauty) play with my face today and I'm going to talk about the products we used today.

To set my face she used the MAC Prep + Prime and the MAC Strobe cream. Two of my favourite products to use with or without make up. And the foundation we went for today is the NARS All day luminous weightless foundation in shade Syracuse. Normally I use MAC studio fix but fancied a change. To apply the foundation she used the Real Techniques expert face brush! It's perfect! It leaves no lines and leaves your foundation looking very natural! 

Then to contour ... 

We used.....

Estée Lauder double wear brush on glow B.B highlighter and Bobbi Brown foundation stick in shade almond. 

Half Blended 

Fully blended 

After everything was set, she finished the look by adding dark shades of brown to my eyes.

To highlight she used ....

MAC Soft and Gentle. One of my favourite highlighters! I find it so hard to pick a highlighter as I'm slowly becoming a highlight hoader! 

How does one choose!!

So here's the finished look: 

Very glowy yet subtle. If this was for a night out I would add the only lipstick I basically wear, MAC Ruby Woo and also I would fill in my eyebrows a lot more darker. 

Leave any comments on product recommendations as I love buying and trying new make up products. XxxxxxxxxX