Saturday, 19 September 2015

Rachelle x James Beddoes

Soooooo this is my most recent shoot with James Beddoes. I don't want to clog up Instagram with ALL the piks haha! You will find most of them already on my tumblr:

We shot from 12-3pm taking around 1000 shots in his studios based in Birmingham jewellery quarter. We also went to a cool vintage shop near by and shot on location as well.

Fila Body Suit: ASOS £35

The mood board for the shoot was very laid back, chilled out and simple. Although there is nudity its not in any way sexual but very subtle. In no way does a nipple out make me a glamour model! Let's just make that clear! Lollllllll (ew the thought of glamour modelling) 

Anyway... Styling was by myself and also got to pick a few things out a close by vintage shop. You can tell from the pictures that the setting was very laid back, the vibe was very much chilling at home in a oversized shirt as most girls do, just lounging and looking pretty! And the odd nip slip haha! 

So these are some of my favourites and there are plenty more to come, so keep an eye out on my tumblr to see more! 

I also have some work that are soon to be published! Once they have been published I'm aloud to share the pictures!!! So I'll do a post on those also! 

Instagram: @rachellehollandxx
To see more from this shoot:
Photographer Instagram: @jamesbeddoesphoto
My Agency: Anti Agency London
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  1. Hi these pics look fab! Hope you don't mind me asking but how did you manage to gain weight. I've been following you on Instagram and I've noticed you've gained weight and you look fab. I'm a little smaller than yourself and I eat loads but still struggle any tips for a skinny mini like me?

  2. Hi thank you for the lovely comments. i actually cant give you an answer to your question because i havent done anything different to try and gain weight. i have always been slim and hated it. i also eat soooooo much but it never shows. i have been told lately by a few people that im slightly bigger, but i dont see it at all =[ i thought having a child would help but it didnt lol!!!! i think this year ive just learnt to love and accept my body no mater what. xxx

  3. How old are you? Not to be rude,but you're extremely flat.Not to be rude.All respect.I still think you are a beautiful woman of color