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Q&A - Get to know me

Hi guys so a lovely Amy contacted me on instagram to do an interview for her Fashion Journalist Assignment which i was happy to do, so i thought id post it on here for you all to also have a read. You can find her on instagram under the name : @m0on.river

where did you grow up?

I was born and raised in Africa/Ghana for the first 10 years of my life. Since the age of 10 i have been living in England and i'm now 24 years old.

what was life like for you growing up?

Growing up was amazing for me. I was blessed to have a lot of family around me with culture to learn and enjoy. I lived the best lifestyle as a child in Africa as my parents was successful and made sure their kids had and enjoyed the finer things in life.

Take me back to when you was 15, what was school like for you?

I went to a high school with a not so good reputation. My school was based in Staffordshire where i lived. I was never a ‘cool girl’ at school but i did not lack friends either. I never experienced being bullied or anything like that so high school for me was pretty straightforward, i just went to do what i was there to do.  [Don't ask about my grades though lol] I would say being in school here was massively different to being in school in Ghana, you would never experience a child talk back to a teacher where as you get that kind of behaviour all the time here, so it was definitely a change for me.

What were your favourite subjects during high school?

I mostly enjoyed performing arts and textiles. That may sound like i've picked those as favourites because they’re the easiest but i would disagree and say that those were what i enjoyed most due to it being creative subjects.

How were you discovered by Anti-Agency?

I found Anti-Agency on instagram and fell in love with their concept of not just looking for the ‘model’ looking girl or boy and their love for individuality. I have spent many years trying to be signed to huge agencies but i didn't have the look they were looking for. I sent some pictures to Anti-Agency and was really brief in my email because i thought oh here goes another agency to say no to me… any way they got back to me with a meeting date which i attended and was told the same day they would have me on their books and it went from there. I really enjoy working with them because of the cool brands they work with and every time i see an ‘Anti Model’ at a casting the vibes just really good and it's like we know each other already. We definitely rep our agency when we link up.

What age was you discovered by Anti-Agency?

I was 23 when i sign to Anti Agency so it's been may be nearly a year now.

What is your opinion on social media?

I think there is good and bad when it comes to the use of social media. I love how it opens possibilities and allows you to promote freely, however i only like that when people use it in a positive way. I can't stand people who use it to be false and portray something or someone they're not. I feel as if people look at the thousands of people following them as a figure in their bank account when it's not. Its really embarrassing when you know people in real life but their social media accounts tells a complete different story. Social media platforms are really powerful tools, i've seen people use it to create amazing steps in their lives but those who think because they have a certain amount of followers are more special or important than those without i don't respect at all.

What is your new opinion on the new generation of models?

I love what i see when i look at new models on adverts or like campaigns. Its not your standard straight haired girl with strong cheek bones. Now i see colour, different shapes and different hair textures being involved. I find that people are looking for the more ‘different’ looking models to make their brand more relevant and current and also to keep in with what's ‘cool’. Its great to see and i hope it stays that way.  

Who is your favourite model?

Currently i LOVE Amina blue and Sita Abellan. Both very different looking but i love them so much. Thier look and everything they're about is just amazing to me. Sita is just a style icon to me and Amina is just so sexy.

Have you heard about France having a new law in which modelling agencies aren't allowed to employ anyone with a BMI under 18.5?
If so, what is your opinion on this, do you find this discriminatory?

I haven't come across this news yet, however i find it a joke because i'm naturally slim. I eat like a crazy person but you wouldn't be able to tell. Im not sure what my bmi is but i know when i was last told by the doctors, it was under what it should be at my age. There's nothing i can do about that because i eat massive amounts everyday, i am the junk food queen and putting on weight will never happen for me unfortunately. So i simply find it unfair towards the people out there like myself who can help how they are.

Looking at your Instagram, i see such creativity. who inspires your Instagram?

I don't really know who or what inspires me when it comes to instagram. I go with the flow, upload when i want to and that's it. My instagram is filled with pictures of my son and me with my lovely friends spending amazing times. I also have hundreds of pictures of my self some being work others just me being a selfie queen i guess.

Who is your style crush?

I Love Sita Abellan who i know i've already mentioned but i really want everything she wears, like all of it!!! I seriously need her whole wardrobe she’s such a goddess.

Do you prefer street style or high end fashion brands?

I much prefer street style due to comfort. I'm all about feeling comfortable when it comes to clothes. I am someone who is finally happy with their body and know what clothes suits and what doesn't. I don't really follow when it comes to fashion i buy what i like and know i can put an outfit together with. Street style allows me to look simple, comfy and appropriate however i would still wear high end fashion clothing just for the right occasion i guess but even then it would have to be a bit simple.

What has been your favourite shoot so far?

My favourite shoot so far i would say was with a guy called James Beddoes. He contacted me through instagram and i had a look on his page. I noticed most of the shoots he did were nude and sexy which i'm not into however he sent me a mood bored and instantly could picture the outcome. i wore really laid back clothing, showed skin but wasn't sexy. I was much more about being the girl at home chilling in an over sized top with no bra on just being free, that kind of vibe. I loved how natural and laid back it was, no serious posing as i feel i look my best in pictures when i don't pose too much. Another reason i did this shoot was because it was different to any other work i had done, i am 24 and get told i look way younger so this was me in a way showing my age and showing i was comfortable in doing more than just young looking shoots, wanted to turn things up a bit with my work.

What's your ambition?

I have ambitions to work with so many brands, find myself on adverts and billboards all over the world. I know that's a huge goal for someone like me but that's really what i want.  I also want to own a business in fashion with a clothing brand or be head of social media/marketing for a established company.

Three people you'd like to have dinner with 'dead or alive'?

Asap Rocky, skepta and Sita Abellan. Don't really know why but i think it would be a fun night!

Name two photographers you really admire?
why do you admire them?

Sam Travis is one of my faves, worked with him twice now. I see him as a friend now so laid back, his work is so cool and natural so he’s definitely and fave of mine. Secondly i would say Eve, someone i came across on instagram [@eveo_power]. I have not worked with her yet, however we have spoken about it and i can't wait for it to happen. Her style of work is also very natural and cool so i'm looking forward to setting a date.

Who's on your playlist?

  • Fka twigs
  • Bank
  • Section boys
  • skepta
  • stormzy
  • future
  • drake
  • shaggy
  • justin bieber [dont ask]
  • Beyonce
  • Tink
  • Asap Rocky
  • Travis scott

Hope you've enjoyed reading this and getting to know me more. Follow my instagram: @rachellehollandxx

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